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Strive to understand the following Who is the customer? What does the customer value? What does the customer’s customer value?

Retaining Customers vs. Acquiring Them: Which Is Better Business? Experts place the cost of acquiring a new customer between 4 and 10 times the cost of maintaining an existing one.

Are Your Questions Adding Value to the Conversation? How much will be remembered by your customer when you are not there? Customers value more what they conclude as well as answers to the information they ask for rather than what is freely offered to them and any stories you tell them.

Turn customer concerns into opportunities to differentiate yourself. Consider the following suggestions when a customer voices a misunderstanding: – Avoid trying to prove the customer wrong. Instead, ask questions to understand where the misinformation came from and try to clear up the misunderstanding. – Acknowledge the customer’s viewpoint before refuting the misconception. – After you have provided relevant proof, don’t simply assume you have thoroughly convinced the customer.

Patience will speed up a sale! No matter how eager or desperate you are to close a sale, if you push too hard customers retreat.

“Effective Prospecting: Quality over Quantity” creating an “Ideal Customer Profile” will help you separate your best prospects from the ones who will prove to be liabilities…

Negotiating Strategies That Work- Complex sales situations require salespeople to successfully handle every negotiation – from overcoming objections in difficult negotiation scenarios to achieving win-win solutions…

Common Reasons You Won’t Make Your Sales Numbers: We’ve all been in a sales situation where we felt it necessary to “fluff” the numbers in order to please our managers but as we are in the fourth quarter, we know we may not going to hit that number. Avoid relying on this doomed practice by asking the right questions at the outset.

The Problem with Price Discussions – One of the biggest mistakes that salespeople make is that they sell on value and then negotiate on price. Remember that while negotiations typically arise at the end of a cycle, it should be an activity that begins at the start of the sales cycle and continues to the end…

Why Lone Wolf Selling Isn’t Worth the Risks! Everyone wants to be a winner, but for some, the idea of being the “star player,” and all that goes along with it, can make going it alone seem worth it. But winning alone isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be—and losing alone definitely isn’t anyone’s dream. It’s all about choosing your team wisely.