Partner with us to tackle one of the most popular learning needs – Communication.

We offer a tool based, global certification communication workshop – Think on Your Feet®. The only workshop which addresses informal situations critical for up and coming leaders like off the cuff discussion, meetings, status updates etc., providing  skills to present, defend, and discuss a position persuasively and quickly.

We also offer a wide range of Business Communication workshops under the umbrella of Business Salt Select each of which aims to address a specific business communication challenges like communicating with CXO level to non-verbal communication and being influential.

Business Communication Workshops

toyf-bullet Think On Your Feet®
The internationally acclaimed communication-skills workshop that trains you to organize your thought and ideas quickly for clear, concise, persuasive messages.
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bs-bullet Business Communication
Effective communication across the new mediums to stay relevant
bs-bullet Best Foot Forward
Present yourself impeccably and set a positive tone to developing relationships. Learn simple tips and tricks to set a positive first impression
bs-bullet CXO Conversations
Have impactful communication with CXO’s. Understand their decision styles and tailor make your conversation by being relevant to them
bs-bullet Communicate with Panache
Communication is not just about delivering a message, it’s also about delivering it with conviction and confidence that makes the listeners follow you. Learn the art and science of effective communication through tips from experts