We enable companies and individuals that compete for high-value Business-to-Business sales (Corporate and Channel Sales) by developing strategies, processes and skills to win business consistently, especially when the sales process is complex and the marketplace demanding.

We develop sales enablement processes and content that empower sales teams to sell efficiently in a complex sales environment. All our programs have been designed and blended with the global best practices and aligned to the current market trends.

There is no more efficient way to grow revenue across a sales team then by getting more out of the people you already have. Developing sales team through training and coaching will give tremendous return in the form of high ROI.

We offer Channel Management Programs which helps in analysing the effectiveness of the channel processes on a regular basis and see its efficacy in creating a joint growth strategy. In today’s competitive environment the Channel Managers play an important role in driving growth for the organisation & their Channel Partners.

We offer validated and proven sales solutions developed by us with a keen ear to the ground along with our rich experience of addressing the needs of over 100 clients in India

How we help

We help you transform your sales organization through:

  • Precise, consistent sales execution
  • Customer focus and sales system alignment
  • High-performance team-collaboration
  • An accelerated path with sustained performance

If you are focusing on the transformation of your Sales team, we can help you with the expert advice. To discuss with one of our sales experts, please contact us for a free preliminary consultation.

Sales Performance Workshops

bs-bullet Business Advocacy
Learn to Network & grow your coverage by  developing advocacy platforms

bs-bullet Effective Channel Management
Designed to create an effective process for channel management & aligning dealers to be partners in growth

bs-bullet Sales Assimilation
Accelerate productivity in a new business environment or a new market

bs-bullet Sales Coaching – Adapt and develop your team to be able to deliver to a moving goal post

bs-bullet Sales Leadership
Transcend to the next level by translating business objectives into effective behaviours

bs-bullet Spark – Igniting Performance
Create a high performing sales team & consistent customer engagement process